Pet Shop of Horrors (1999)

Toshio Hirata delivered the most beautiful anime I had ever laid eyes on. The world of Count D is exotic and otherly. I can only describe Pet Shop of Horrors as a surreal oddity that could only be created in that sliver of time between the 90’s and early 2000’s. This anime sucks you into it’s world and completely separates a person from reality. An experience definitely not to miss. It is a lost gem. Underrated and obscure to the masses. Hirata’s anime is engulfed in a weird and unusal atmosphere.

The art is mysterious and dark. A few stills and pans are thrown in there that just contribute to that extra touch of eye candy.

Rarely do anime confront death, despair, and loss so enigmatically.  It is desperation and the loss of love that drives these characters to Count D’s Chinatown.Count D is played by John Demita, who makes the character feel spooky, otherworldly, and odd. In other words, he’s the perfec embodiment of Count D. He really helps bring out the eccentricities when need be, and bring out the spooky side of his character, when it’s time.

A story that captivated me was the one about the basilisk/medusa.


The man was heartbroken from his character overshadowing his present. He was no longer the man he once was after the death of his lover and seeks Count D’s services. The creature is a basilisk with the face and half human body of his dead lover. Predictably, they fall in love and only wanted to glance into one another’s eyes. However, her eyes kill him because it breaks the Count’s contract. In return, her heart’s broken and she looks into a mirror to commit suicide along side her lover.




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