SPECTRE (2015)


Spectre (2015) was an utter disappointment because not a hint of intelligence was needed to understand the plot. Every aspect of the story was handed to the audience on a silver platter; as if the people who had been earnestly following the series were just a bunch of children that needed every minute detail explained through a blatant narrative. The violence was increased to the maximum in hopes to entertain hungry audiences, however, not a single movie that was released this year has bored me more than 007.

The multiple, desperate twists in the plot created an unnecessary imbalance in what could have been a short, simple narrative.

Monica Bellucci (plays Lucia Sciarra), an actor whom I absolutely admire for her performance in the film “Irreplaceable”, has been reduced to another throwaway character. She acts as another woman thrown away for the progress of a white man’s plot. Her only role was to act as the pretty widow who apparently, could not resist the 007’s advances not long after she found out that her husband has been killed.

      Christoph Waltz, another actor that I admire for his craft in his long-time cooperation with Quentin Tarantino, had been butchered by Sam Mendes. His character, Oberhauser, is anything but menacing. He is not scary. He does not have the intelligence or any substantial chips against 007. It seems like Mendes was trying his hardest to make Waltz tie the loose ends of the entire series together. Waltz is apparently the head of the organization which every single villain Bond has encountered in the previous films had been associated with. All of the flashy antics that Waltz deploys throughout Spectre was unnecessary, I believe Le Chiffre did a much better job of convincing the audience that he was a formidable foe for the great James Bond.

Daniel Craig himself seemed weary and awkward throughout this film. It seemed like he lost his footing in the organization after M was replaced. The whole sub-plot of the new M being the partial antagonist was unnecessary and only served to deteriorate the supposed power of 007. Futhermore, 009 did not need to be in the film. He never stood a chance against 007.

The main problem I had with this film was the character played by Lea Seydoux, Madeleine Swan. Swan is supposedly a highly-educated doctor and the daughter of the assassin, Mr.White. She starts off as a feminist character who does not care about James Bond’s advances and even pushes for independence. Such a character is non-existent in James Bond movies and I had high hopes for her. She could have been the female lead who became a partner instead of another woman thrown away for the plot of 007. Another lover that only serves to push the plot along and humanize the male character. My hopes which were smacked down the awkward moment that she succumbed to James Bond’s “unrivaled attractiveness”. After a long fight scene, the two immediately have sex.

Are you serious? [SERIOUSLY TRIGGERED]


Not only does her character become COMPLACENT and unoriginal after that point, but the director made her the reason for 007 quitting the organization after winning the fight with Oberhauser, Iron Man 3 anybody? It’s the exact same plot device! The woman being a tool to humanize a character who has not shown a bit of humanity since his inception. C’mon Hollywood…

It is a shame that Daniel Craig’s 007 started in such great footing with Casino Royale, but he will be remembered for a trash film like Spectre. These characters were poorly written and the studio should be ashamed for the obvious cash grab that this film is. There were several great actors in this film, but Mendes had wasted their potential for empty characters who never develop throughout the film. Every aspect of this film, from the choice of scores to the terrible plot was extremely elementary.



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